We help our clients turn their ideas into books

We work with publishers, organizations, small business owners, and individuals. Whether you want to turn your ideas into a book, design a picture-driven souvenir for clients and visitors, or simply want to create a family heirloom, we can help.

There is a difference between designing a book and simply pressing “Print”—

These days, good design is no longer a luxury in business, it has become a prerequisite in any endeavor. When done well, it opens doors to help connect your audience with your ideas. It enhances the power of your content. That’s why if you’re serious about having your work taken seriously, good design can make all the difference.

—especially when it comes to your book

The good news is that if you have an idea and you want to bring it to life, you don’t have to wait. We can help you create a breathtaking book that you can then produce on a large or small scale to share with your audience. It’s time to bring your vision into print.

At Impress

James has collaborated with Hans Teensma at Impress on many projects, including cookbooks, guidebooks, self-published memoirs, and pictorial histories. Together they also designed Disney Magazine, which was launched to cover all things Disney and Pixar.

Selected Client List

  • Disney Publishing
  • Orion Magazine
  • Forum Gallery
  • Interlink Books
  • Hyperion Books
  • Corporate Renegade
  • University of Massachusetts
  • DEFA Film Library
  • Hills of Africa Travel