The design process—what happens

Creating a book that you can be proud of and that will attract your ideal audience is the result of a close collaboration between designer and client.

Here’s the process: We meet with you to discuss your book. Will it be trade- or self-published? Who is your intended audience? Together we determine page size, font choice, endpapers, headbands, cover image, and overall appearance. We then produce sample layouts for you to consider. Other factors we’ll determine: hardback or softcover edition, photography or illustration, necessary codes (QR, UPC). We figure it all out together.

Other people you might need—

Editors and copy editors

A great book begins with great content, which is why you’ll want a properly edited manuscript. Professional editing can sharpen your prose and enhance the reader’s experience.


We coordinate with both traditional and digital printers, depending on your needs, your time frame, and your budget.


Binding is one of the unheralded elements of publishing that can add character to your finished volume. We guide you through the process and help oversee the finished product.

Illustrators and photographers

In many cases clients will be looking for an illustration for the cover or text. We help you find the right artist to complement your words. For other projects, photography is the natural choice. We can help you find a photographer who is responsive to your needs. If you are looking for a conceptual cover, stock photography can be a good option.

Photo Restorers

For family histories and other books that rely on older photographs, we can help you get damaged images retouched to make them perfect again.